First blog post

RIP me probs



My name is Jodie and this is my first ever blog post! The reason why I started a blog is because I need somewhere to write all of my thoughts down and also I thought it would be a good idea to review products including beauty, films and music so not only can other people use my reviews but I can also look back on them to see what I thought about something. The problem with me is that I have a very bad memory and if I have (for example) bought a make up product, use it up and then wait a couple of months before rebuying it, I forget vital information such as if I actually liked the product and the pros and cons etc. So this is why I had the genius idea of creating a blog. Even if I receive 0 views, I know I can use it for myself!  I also want to talk about current topics that I feel passionate about and how they affect my life or friends of mine. I am quite a negative and sarcastic person so I am hoping that through a blog, I can start to be more positive and look at the world in a brighter light.

A little bit about me

I am currently 17 and I live in the South of the UK. I am currently in sixth form and plan to go onto university and study forensic science. I have always been obsessed with music and films but in recent years, I have found a huge passion for beauty.

Some of my favourite bands are all from the alternative/rock genre and they include Bring me the horizon, Pierce the veil, Twenty one pilots, fall out boy and Green day.  My favourite hobby in the entire world is definitely going to concerts and at this moment in time, I have been to over 30. I have also managed to meet pierce the veil twice as I am part of the Pierce The Veil street team so this is pretty cool as I get to go to concerts for free, manage meet and greets and actually meet them (and cry ALOT!) in return for promoting them. I love these bands so much and there isn’t a day that goes by where I am not wearing some type of band merch or not listening to their music ( I’m not joking. Every single day I wear a different band t-shirt) But yeah, I love music and it is a huge part of my life.

Film wise, I’m not really a romantic film lover and I prefer action and adventure films ( along with a bit of cheeky horror every now and then). Any kind of dystopian film is very much up my ally and this applies to comedies too. I go to the cinema a lot so not only am I poor from Odeon’s RIDICULOUS prices but I have quite a lot of knowledge about newer releases.

Onto beauty, I guess you could say I have an obsession. I love makeup and how it can make someone feel so confidence about their body and allow them to go outside the box and really show off their personality. My favourite make up product would be either eyeshadow or eyeliner as I feel like these two items can be the most versatile and really bring a look out of the comfort zone. I don’t actually wear foundation on a day – to – day basis as 1) I don’t have enough time and 2) I prefer a natural look for sixth form. However, when it comes to parties/gatherings/ weekends, I will cake it on because I have a lot more time compared to a sixth form day when I literally get out of bed 10 minutes before I need to leave the house. Yeah, that’s definitely a struggle, every week day….

So this was a little bit about me. I know there is probably 14937 spelling/grammar mistakes that I will eventually correct (eventually meaning probably never tbh) but I hope you enjoyed (if anyone is actually reading this other than me, my mum or best friends). I will try and post reviews/ comments in general when I can but please bare with as I have never done this before and I also have to try and balance this along with my A- Levels (RIP me pls).

See you soon,


Edit : Please comment if you have actually taken the time to read this. It will make my day 🙂